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Reasons why I binge eat 


I have always been a compulsive overeater. I can remember I would eat just because the food was just there. It was a behavior that I learned from my father. Overeating until your stomach aches was highly encouraged at his house. I am certain that there was emotional problems involved also. Some of them I still battle against today.

When I fail (I still have set backs), I try to not feel remorse. Once my emotions are on their place it’s time to sit back and analyze all activities, shortcomings, personalities I dealt with that probably triggered my old behavior.

This post is a list for you. I want you read through them and if you can identify some as yours, to use the awareness as a weapon. To be more diligent next time it occurs. This post is also for me, as a reminder. Because I don’t want to forget (and I won’t) who I was when I was in full flesh addiction.

These are the reasons I binge;

  • I am tired
  • I am stressed out
  • I am worried
  • I am excited
  • I had a conflict with someone
  • I had a conflict within
  • I am on my period
  • My HS flares (frustrated)
  • I am eating alone
  • My food plan for the day got changed (not by my, not intentionally)
  • I feel restricted or I have to many options (like in a buffet)
  • Other people is binging near me
  • If I eat peanut butter

As I keep learning about myself, I will be updating this post. I believe this is a great way for me to acknowledge that recovery doesn’t happen overnight, but it takes time, courage, perseverance and hope.

Mrs. B


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