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Keto favorite finds in ALDI

In my house we go grocery shopping once a week. Lately we have manage to create a weekly menu (my husband and I) and actually stick up with it. Most of out meats from Walmart and the rest of the groceries at ALDI. In this post I want to share some of my favorites. This post will be updated as I find more good stuff.

Pork Rinds

Spicy or original ALDI has these babies usually for .99 cents. The cheapest bag at Walmart is double the price.



There is a big selection of nuts and seeds. Some packages are mixed and might have extra carbs. But the unsalted peanut and roasted almonds are pretty safe.


Coconut Oil

This oil is perfect for cooking and delicious to put on coffee. It is organic and  and cold-pressed.


Heavy Whipping Cream

This what I use for my coffee when I don’t do the coconut. A whole 16 ounces for less than a couple bucks.



Cheap and great for quick meals


Neufchatel Cheese

This cream cheese has less carbs than regular cream cheese. Is really good for my low carb brownies.



ALDI has a great selection on cheese. My favorites are Mozzarella string cheesee and Monterrey Jack (block).



Their selection  is average but ALDI is honestly the only place I find skirt steak. Chicken is also priced decent.



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